Adventure Forward 2: Points of Conflict is an adventure game developed by Explode1 and takes heavy inspiration from the Mario 3D games, most notably Super Mario 64.

Why it rocks

  1. The game has a unique and interesting story that is set 300 years after the original game.
  2. It has a ton of worlds you can explore with plenty of things to do in each one.
  3. The Points, characters in the game, are very relatable and have good character development.
  4. The platforming is very simple but also very well-designed.
  5. When you die, it never feels like you failed because of bad game design most of the time.
  6. The music that it borrowed from other sources are magnificent and are a great fit for their respective worlds.
  7. The enemies are varied and very creative.
  8. There are a lot of side missions you can do like collecting all red coins in every world.
  9. The game has a lot of content and makes the experience worthwhile.
  10. Boss fights are awesome and fun to play through.

Bad Qualities

  1. The marble sections are incredibly irritating as it is very hard to manoeuvre the marble.
  2. The game is now abandoned and broken so you can't play the boss battles, so if you haven't finished the game before it was dead then you basically can't finish it now, however there is a restored version that lets you play the original version before it was broken.
  3. The developer of this game, Explode1, has been exposed for predatory behaviour and his account is terminated, so don't expect another entry in the series anytime soon.
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