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Animal Crossing New Leaf RP is a role playing game based off of Nintendo's Animal Crossing series. In this game, players can choose their Animal Crossing character and explore the world of Animal Crossing.

Why It Rocks

  1. Some well known characters are in the game such as Tom Nook and Isabelle.
  2. There’s some places to explore such as Town Hall and the Main Street and even the Roast.
  3. Re-Hail is in the game and is the first shop open in the game.
  4. Has many stuff from Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
  5. Some houses can be entered right now such as a tent and a Toy house.
  6. Unlike many Nintendo games on Roblox this game isn’t took down yet by Nintendo.
  7. Tortimer Island is in the game.
  8. Tom Nook is in the game which you can now do PAY YOUR LOAN! Roleplays.

Bad Qualities

  1. It’s missing many Characters such as Gracie and Tortimer.
  2. None of the buildings in the Main Street except for Able Sisters are open.
  3. Lags on graphics under 1.
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