Arsenal is a team-based first-person shooter game developed by Rolve Community. It heavily takes inspiration from Team Fortress 2 and CS:GO while adding a bit of its own Roblox flavor into it.

Why it rocks?

  1. It is extremely fun and fast-paced with giving you little to no time to breathe.
  2. Chaos is always happening and some guns cause you to jump high in the air or you can gain momentum each time you get a kill to run faster.
  3. The game's maps are very well-designed.
  4. The graphics are pretty good.
  5. You can buy cool skins and funny kill effects.
  6. The game has a sense of humor with a lot of maps referencing popular cultures like Family Guy, Spongebob, Sans, Source engine glitches, and many more.
  7. Ragdoll mechanics are really enjoyable.
  8. The game has its own recognizable art-style.
  9. The game has a pretty simple UI but it works very well and gets its job done.
  10. The gun models look amazing and extremely similar to their real-life counterparts.

Bad Qualities

  1. People keep choosing Standard for every round as the other game-modes aren't as prominent.
  2. Many past maps like Mighty Manor and game-modes like Juggernaut were removed and it was a shame because they were fun.
  3. The mobile version is inferior to the PC/Xbox One versions because the game has confusing controls that while they are responsive. They don’t translate well onto an iOS/Android device. The game also lags ALOT on mobile unless you have a really good phone/tablet.
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