BEAR Is a ROBLOX horror game made by Cheedaman in 2019, the game is currently in (Alpha) which means the game has not yet finished.

The game is about you as the survivor or you as the bear

The bear(s) is the monster trying to kill you, the bear has over 20 skins which are all unique

The survivor(s) have to escape the bear and survive until the timer is over and they can solve puzzles so the time can go down quicker

Theres alot of maps such as:

Lab, Haunted Mansion and the backrooms

BEAR Thumbnail (2020)

Theres also items witch can be helpful or just used for fun such as the chezburger, noise maker and wiches brew.

The style of the game is a cross of early roblox games and a splash of horror to give you that nostelgic and scary feeling towards it. The early roblox feeling comes from the maps and the music.


.The game works

.The skins are all unique in there own way

.You can feel nostelgic on some of the maps and items

.The puzzles make you use your brain

.The game has a good atmosphere

Minor downsides

.The game has some stolen maps from old games

.Lot of the skins for the bear can be canceled

.Game feels a bit generic at times

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