Battleboards is a remake of the old flash game Jelly Battles. It's a turn based fighting game.

Why It Rocks

  1. Incredibly polished graphics. There's almost no mistakes to be seen.
  2. Lots of game modes, such as juggernaut and mystery.
  3. No pay to win mechanics, the only things you can buy with robux are cosmetics and VIP servers.
  4. Better fanbase than most games.
  5. Stays true to the orignal Jelly Battles it was based off of.
  6. Works great on older devices

Bad Qualities

  1. Some players have reported a glitch that sometimes when they click a tile they won't jump to it.
  2. Most of the cosmetics are crates, which can be annoying if you get unlucky.
    Battleboards Game Icon

    Battleboards game icon

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