• Brazencoronet17

    They shut down Call of Duty Zombies. Just like every other game I loved and playe to death. It isn't broken, I played it a few months ago and it WAS FINE! IT WAS FINE! Outdated, by not at ALL BROKEN BY ROBLOXU PDATES! YET THEY SHUT IT DOWN ANYWAY

    I was expecting the remake to be... well, a remake, but it was a wholly different game. Not a bad one but it severely dissappointed me.

    It feels like all the good games on roblox have been shaded into obscurity (Epic Minigames), "broken" by updates (Survive the end of Classic ROBLOX), or ruined by overhyped remakes (Flee the Facility, Notoriety). This is my opinion.

    I really tried to get back into Call of Duty: Zombies, even trying HTML hacking to get the play button to appear, but it didn't.

    The only…

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  • CastleFort1

    No no no no

    June 4, 2019 by CastleFort1

    ThatDudeRightHere's wiki has been closed.

    I blame like a boss/pug.

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  • Bubblish

    I am going to interview Like a boss. I want ideas.

    I'm not responsible if he attacks you for your questions.

    We will meet in the chat on this wiki.

    I will edit this blog when I have a scheduled time.

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  • Bubblish

    Formal Apology

    April 29, 2019 by Bubblish

    Hey, SerbianFoamer,

    I'm sorry that I believed Like a boss's bullshit about abysmal Roblox games. I trusted like a boss back then, so I believed him.

    I now know that he was spewing out lies about you, and didn't even admit his mistakes. I look down on myself for believing him.

    I hope we can all move on from the reception wiki disaster, and treasure our time with the remaining wikis left on this platform.

    I am officially not going to say anything more that is controversial, as like a boss will probably turn on all of us.

    RIP, Abysmal Roblox Games Wiki, 2018-2019. 

    It lived a short, but awesome life.

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  • SerbianFoamer

    Ok. SO why was ARGW shut down? Well, fandom found out about our wiki on april 1st.

    So the main page was changed from red to black by Rappy, who is a FANDOM staff member. Ive aksed why the wiki was closed, and they said it wasnt “positive”. My first guess was mossodite, or a well known rule breaker like squiddypepe or theweeweeofdoom, but no. No contributions shown that mossodite OR squiddypepe had to do with any of this.

    Like a boss999 only blamed me just to make people tun there backs on me, ALL BECAUSE I BLOCKED HIM FOR 3 DAYS.

    This isint the first time like a boss has over reacted to something small. He overreacted to demotions i gave him. it seems like he he has some sort of vendetta against me, all because i have a diffrent opinion than …

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  • I'm stuck in 2010.3gp

    Thank you, whoever did this. Nihirichan was wrong anyways. Now this wiki is in danger of closing.

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  • Bubblish


    Did the sister's order report them or something?

    Edit: It turns out that TheBowlOfBeshbarmak got Abysmal Roblox Games closed. RIP

    Edit #2: Ok, it's not his fault. I believe serbian now (bowl's new acc name)

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