Call of Robloxia - Zombies is a game created by Logitech101, Its one of the classic games. It was also forgotten and was killed due to the experimental mode update.

Why its Nostalgia

  1. Its just like call of duty zombies.
  2. This game is an antique to many classic players due to being made in 2008.
  3. Points are easy to earn.
  4. Players can be revived, unlike Modern Roblox's zombie games.
  5. No micro transactions whatsoever.

Bad Qualities

  • People who are new to this game like to ruin it for people.
  • Just like how people buy a tank factory at the start of the Conquerors 3 and use a construction yard to build a plant, they buy the guns on the wall first.
  • It is especially hard for mobile players, with some examples include poor hitmarker, unable to pick up weapons, revive teammates, drink perks and repair walls.
  • It is very forgotten as of right now.
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