NOTE: This is the first page on this wiki Crossroads is a game with the BrickBattle theme created by the Roblox user. It is the first game with the BrickBattle style. It was created in April 30, 2007, when it was released. It also used to be a playground for exploiters.

Positive reception

  • This is considered the "original BrickBattle game" by most players.
  • There are a lot of places in the map and the map is also big.
  • The game has a very simplistic design, reminiscent of "Old Roblox". So, if you want to know how "Old Roblox" was, this is a very good place for you!
  • The game is uncopylocked, meaning you can upload your own versions of the game.


  • It was forgotten since many users today prefer modern games, such as MeepCity.
  • This game was a playground for exploiters until Roblox closed it down.
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