Classic Sonic Online is a W.I.P classic sonic like game made by VyrissDev. The game has 12 characters you can play as, classic sonic gameplay similar to the genesis era, there are 13 zones, (although most of them are W.I.P) it has a user friendly level creator with a good amount of features to make good levels from it, and online multiplayer where you can see people in other zones and talk with them and play their own levels in real time, (although you don't interact with them in real time).


Official Twitter for the game:

The game it's self:

The testing version of the game that is a open beta for new updates:

It is not always open though.

What is the future for the game?

The game will continue to receive updates and get more features added to the level creator, VyrissDev works on another game besides Classic Sonic Simulator called Survive The Disasters 2 which means it will slow down development of the game, however the game will still receive updates and news. VyrissDev also is planning on making a final update to Survive The Disasters 2 and once he releases that, he will work on Classic Sonic Simulator full time. As of 9/19/20 the game's name has now been changed to Classic Sonic Online.

History of the game:

Vyriss originally intended this game to be just a sonic engine on Roblox back in 2013. He made different engines from controlling your roblox character or classic sonic in a 2.5D environment to what we have today. Vyriss experimented with making different sonic engines to make a fully fledged game out of it and this lasted from 2015 to 2018, it wasn't until late 2018 where he made a new sonic engine but this time one he was satisfied with to make a fully fledged game out of. His Earlier sonic engines were replaced by this one. And even then Classic Sonic Simulator wasn't intended to be online multiplayer in Vyriss's words, "I went with Classic Sonic Simulator at first because it was just going to be a single player sandbox engine, and at one point wanted to make a full blown out custom Sonic game with its own unique story." Which then after he tampered with the game by adding some online features, "Ever since I added online replication as a 'what if', the whole game went to a direction I wasn't anticipating at all. I didn't think about chat bubbles or the level creator until I made this happen." Then later on, recently he decided to change the name to Classic Sonic Online since the game has essentially become a online sonic game rather than simulating classic sonic gameplay.

For the timeline of Vyriss making sonic engines on roblox you can visit this google document

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