Flamingo (formerly known as AlbertsStuff) is a Roblox YouTuber with over 2 million subscribers, and is still active. His main Roblox account is mrflimflam.

Why He Rocks

  1. Most of the time, he's super hilarious and entertaining. Especially in his trolling videos involving admin commands.
  2. His catchphrase is "Yo tengo", which translates from Spanish to "I have". The phrase soon became a running gag throughout Flamingo's fanbase.
  3. His fanbase isn't really salty.
  4. He almost never makes clickbaited videos.
  5. He's hardly heard swearing.
  6. He made several semi-popular memes: Su Tart, the "yes" ban, "Marley from Marley and me died and I need roux (sic)" or something across those lines, Earthworm Sally, Cleetus, and much, much, much more.
  7. There's several funny games that he made, all of them getting deleted at some point unfortunately.

Bad Qualities

  1. Back when he was AlbertsStuff, he made female accounts with inappropriate names. For example, he once made an account called "bigbreastedwoman". Luckily though, he later changed it to "bigwoman", which is less inappropriate.
    • He also cursed, such as saying "F*ck off" to his friend requests.
  2. At times, he can act pretty immature. For example, there are times when he screams like a girl out of the blue.
  3. The "Yo Tengo" gag became overused after basically every Roblox user started using it.
  4. Some of his fanbase insults him.
  5. He often talks about a group of users he refers to as "The Cult Family" , and this could be considered non-family-friendly. However, the things that the group actually does  are mild.


  • He's often haunted by a user named "RUST_010", supposedly a Roblox myth.
  • He is stalked on Roblox by a spy group called "I Spy An Alberto" .
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