Flee The Facility is a popular Roblox game that you can be a survivor or the beast. The 4 survivors must escape a map by hacking a certain amount of computers while avoiding the beast who will try to capture them.

Why it Rocks

  1. There's 2 Exits you can flee, (that means what you can flee from the 1st or from the 2nd). This helps prevent camping a lot.
  2. It's a good game if you like 5 players games. The game encourages teamwork as players must work together to hack all computers.
  3. There is a map vote you can use to pick which map you want to play next.
  4. The maps are good scary-themed, varied, large and have plenty of hiding spots.
  5. Good soundtracks/OSTs,(for example the soundtrack when the beast is close, or the spawn soundtrack).
  6. There Is a Trade Hangout version for people want trade their skins.

Bad Qualities

  1. Beast can camp sometimes when She/he does capture a survivor (Mostly PC players do camp). The developer did an update to prevent this, but it hardly works at all.
  2. In Trade Version People Can scam you, like in Breaking point (in Breaking Point i did see a player did got scammed by a BC girl did say she was to "donate him").
  3. The time limit is way too generous (15 minutes, but you can escape in as little as 5), which can lead to the game dragging on for way too long, resulting in already dead/escaped players getting bored of waiting.
  4. The music that plays when the beast is near can get old pretty quickly.
  5. Lack of major updates for new content.
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