Flood Escape 2 is a Roblox Game created by Crazyblox Games in 2017 and was last updated 8/24/2018.

Why It Rocks

  1. AWESOME SOUNDTRACK. Some notable soundtracks including Beneath the Ruins, Infiltration, Lava Tower and Dark Sci Forest.
  2. Thanks to FE2 Map Test, players have a chance to have their level put INTO THE GAME.
  3. If player's above level 30 want to get into the harder levels faster, they can join a pro server.
  4. The ruins levels are interesting in their own sense, as they are actually what happened to the original Flood Escape after an unknown incident.
  5. Everyone is on equal footing in this game, no power ups. So everyone is able to help each other easier.
  6. Some of the level's water rises to the beat of the song. An example including Sinking Ship.
  7. In case the game gets too much lag, you can switch the game to Low Detail mode, which removes some of the fancy aspects of some maps but allows your computer to be able to process the textures easier.
  8. Compared to the original, this is a MAJOR step up.

Bad Qualities

  1. Despite the Low Detail mode, the game can still get extremely laggy at times, even sometimes causing the game to crash.
  2. Some of the levels may be very hard for new players.
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