GrottyPuff (formerly Grotesquette and ILoveChihuahua) is a Roblox developer notable for her salon & spa game. She also used to own a group known as Eerie Designs before it died as of July 2017.

Why She Rocks

  1. Back when Eerie Designs was still a thing, she is a major influence over many Roblox fashion designers.
  2. Her games have cute concepts. There is one Guinea Pig-inspired game since she loves said animals.
  3. Speaking of her games, you might not see as much ODing as many other games.
  4. Her horror houses are also well done.
  5. The fanbase can be nice at times.
  6. Grotty does not react negatively to criticism.

Bad Qualities

  1. Her makeup decals can be hated by some people, but they are not as creepy as others since they are not as realistic.
  2. Speaking of Guinea Pigs, the game based on those animals is a typical simulator.
  3. Her games can somewhat get boring or become too girly.
  4. One of her games, Fast Food, has a misleading title because the place looks more like a bakery place. However, the food is pretty accurate.


  • GrottyPuff is 21 years old.
  • She has pet Guinea Pigs according to her Twitter.
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