KonekoKitten is a semi-popular Roblox-themed YouTuber. He joined YouTube on April 25th, 2016. 

His former profile picture.

KonekoKitten Current

His current profile picture.

Why He Rocks

  1. He makes funny videos.
  2. He is family friendly (well now he is, he used to not be) unlike Nathorix.
  3. He makes funny Roblox memes. (Mr Grey, Pepsi-Sans, etc.)
  4. He doesn't constantly talk about online dating unlike greenlegocats123.
  5. His video discussing gangsters in Roblox is hilarious.
  6. He doesn't constantly worship old Roblox.
  7. The titles for his videos aren't misleading.
  8. Unlike Flamingo, his humor isn't directed to just kids. It's funny for all ages, and there are jokes that are aimed at kids and adults.
  9. When the ROBLOX swearing trend was going around, he showed other YouTubers how to do it, by swearing like a man and not censoring it.
  10. He is very nice, giving ODers the benefit of the doubt, even by stating that most of them are ODers and that people overexaggerate the situation (Which is true).
  11. Helped gain Arsenal popularity, which is a great roblox game.

Bad Qualities

  1. In his older videos, he sweared a lot, and used more direct adult jokes.
  2. He may be part of the reason why Cyrillic names were reset
  3. He can be quite salty sometimes (even though it's used for humor).
  4. He used to not take valid criticism and made a hate video on a page on a wiki giving him valid criticism, when he did make the video he took out all the parts claiming that originally the writer of the page was a fan.
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