Plates of Fate: Mayhem

Plates of fate: Mayhem is a roblox game made by DylanBuildar. It is the official follow up to the game Plates of Fate: Classic.

Why it Rocks

  1. Original and working game concept.
  2. Fun disasters and variety, the game never gets old.
  3. A currency system that allows you to buy thing like armor and gear during rounds.
  4. Up to fifty players, adding to the chaos and leaving space for friends to join!
  5. There are special rounds like spheres, meteor mania, and elevators.
  6. Despite having a lot of luck, the game is still fun to play.
  7. Well done and beneficial armor and gear.
  8. There are crazy tricks to help you survive longer, like parachuting to going to other people's plates.
  9. The game is not pay to win, and doesn't have crazy gamepasses that are overpriced.
  10. If you die, you can do obbies to pass the time, as well as spectate, play plinko, and more!

Bad Qualities

  1. The game rarely, if at all, gets updates.
  2. The game has a very bad exploiting problem.
  3. Exploiters can troll and even BREAK SERVERS.
  4. The game has died due to ripoffs like lab experiment taking the spotlight. Nevertheless, it will never be forgotten.
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