Reason 2 Die Awakening is a game made by PlaceRebuilder, it is a sequel to original Reason 2 die in 2009 and 2014

Why it rocks

  1. Amazing building.
  2. Amazing Guis.
  3. Decent weapon/item models.
  4. There are many gamemodes to play and you can choose which server you can pick, you can even make your own server.
  5. You can play in singleplayer mode if you want to grind alone.
  6. Many different maps infact you can vote for the map you want to play.
  7. You can get gun skins.
  8. Can be very fun at times.

Bad Qualities

  1. The boss will lag sometimes if people are spamming in chat.
  2. Some weapons are overpowered such as M249 and SCAR-H.
  3. The fanbase can get salty and toxic (Mostly on battlestation) but they aren't bad as the sister's order fanbase.
  4. to buy the skins for your gun, you have to pay robux altough they aren't expensive.
  5. The game can get repetitive sometimes.
  6. You need to have at least 5 fames to vote kick some people even 5 fames is hard to earn (but not very hard) on multiplayer dues to players fight over.
    • In facts the highest leveled/experienced player you seen on server are having only 100+ fames but not up to 250 fames.
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