Roblox Battle is a game made in November 1st 2012 by Games and got remade in July 10th 2018. As you have guessed, this is one of the rare games that made Roblox at the good old times one of the best MMO games of all time.


Players are set in the lobby, voting for three rounds to play. After doing their votes, they must go into one of the two doors to be in a team. After the Team selection is over, players must play through all three rounds, with different game modes, strategy and skill. Players can also collect gold coins that can be obtained by killing the enemy of yours and collecting the gold they drop. After the rounds are over, you can go into the bank to deposit them and buy armor that gives you extra protection and other benefits.

Why it Rocks

  1. It grew Roblox's population, along with other classic games like Roblox Paintball.
  2. Different game modes mix a lot of action and they never get repetitive.
  3. Roadblocks is a playable map in the game!
  4. Everything in the map can be DESTROYED!
  5. It's now open sourced.
  6. Three years, after the last update in 2015, the game returned in Roblox Battle: 2018 Edition, bringing back the classic nolstagia and the link to the original, Open Sourced game!

Bad Qualities

  1. As said before, the game was never updated in 2015, due to becoming an open source game and completely lost it's population (but luckily got resurrected in the ashes with the 2018 Remake)
  2. The slingshot can be considered the worst weapon in the whole game, due of having small damage influence.
  3. Weapons can not influence any damage at all for some reason, mostly with the slingshot and Superball.
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