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Robot 64 is a 64-like game on roblox.

Why it Rocks

  1. It takes inspiration from many games from the era of the Nintendo 64 such as Super Mario 64.
  2. The game is made by zKevin, who is known for his other funny games along with Mah_Bucket.
  3. The idea of a robot who goes on a quest to save the world from an angry sun is very creative.
  4. You can collect ice cream and buy hats.
  5. Nice and smooth gameplay.
  6. Decent missions.
  7. Awesome and amazing soundtrack, such as Tiny-Huge Bedroom and the title theme
  8. Tons of Easter eggs, such as the hidden test are which you can find behind the hub
  9. impressive graphics that isn’t crappy

Bad Qualities

  1. The difficalty can be a bit frustrating at times.
  2. It was featured in the Terrible Egg Hunt 2019.
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