SCP-3008 is a building horror game on Roblox developed by uglyburger0. In the game, players find themselves trapped in the titular SCP-3008, a seemingly never-ending Ikea store. Players have to use Ikea furniture such as tables, chairs or ladders to build bases and protect themselves from the SCP-3008-2, a group of Ikea workers with no face and unusual body proportions, who attacks only at night but is docile during daylight.

Why it rocks

  1. The game is pretty scary and the SCP-3008-2 can be very creepy and make some very intense moments.
  2. The building system is flawless, it is easy-to-use and you can make amazing bases easily without any interruptions in the system.
  3. The playerbase is full of extremely skilled people, you will frequently discover astounding builds and maybe wonder how such an amazing game landed on Roblox.
  4. The game has plenty of stuff you can find such as the rare GameCubes.
  5. The game is incredibly realistic. If you fall from a high place, you can take damage. You can find food packs to replenish your health, though
  6. The game has an extremely creative concept and is executed very well. It brings the story of SCP-3008 to life in such a perfect way.

Bad Qualities

  1. The world can feel very empty after a while since the store is absolutely humongous. Even if there are about 20 people in your server, it can still take a few minutes to actually find someone.
  2. The SCP-3008-2 are incredibly strong and can still hit you for a while if you're sprinting.
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