Super Cube Cavern is a dungeon crawler game with elements of crafting, combat and exploration.

Why it rocks

  1. It has a great art-style.
  2. It has nice building.
  3. You can buy unique accessories including hats or cosmetics.
  4. It has creative enemies and boss fights.
  5. It has decent combat.
  6. A lot of secrets and easter eggs to uncover
  7. The humour is actually funny.
  8. The crafting is actually pretty addicting.
  9. Since the caverns are randomly-generated, you have a new experience every time you play.
  10. The level design is amazing.
  11. The soundtrack is phenomenal.
  12. It is a sequel to an old game called Cube Cavern which unfortunately has been deleted.

Bad Qualities

  1. Sometimes, the controls are slippery and imprecise.
  2. You cannot distinguish cubes from open spaces since the cubes have the same texture.
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