The Underground War is a PvP game that was made by StickMasterLuke. While it was shut down due to too many exploiters and being outdated, a rendition was later put on Super Nostalgia Zone.

Why It Rocks

  1. The game is somewhat open-world and strategy based, with the player having to use their Swivel (A shovel to those who do not know what that means) to dig out blocks of dirt to get to the enemy team.
  2. The game is a balanced PvP game, with no stupid function like leveling up that breaks balance.
  3. The game is fun for all players of all ages, backgrounds, and veteran status.
  4. The game is quite fun to play, especially with friends.
  5. The game controls well and the weapons feel well scripted.
  6. Few glitches exist in the game, and even then they are not harmful or game-breaking.
  7. The game, as mentioned above, is now back in Super Nostalgia Zone, so its legacy lives on.

Bad Qualities

  1. The Underground War was shut down in Mid-2018 due to too many hackers invading the place.
  2. It was also infested with outdated things near the end of its life.


  1. There has been a remake of the game by zGames which works well and feels the same as the old one, there is even a sequel made by them too. They managed to remake it entirely since stickmasterluke left the old game uncopylocked.
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