Tower Battles is a tower defense style game. It's likely based off of Bloons TD Battles, but a military style. It doesn't have any theme to bloons, as the game choose it's own direction. Players are allowed to send zombies, and place towers. You are allowed to do 3 v 3 and quad-op in this game, which can make for some interesting results. Unlike many roblox games, this one uses a huge amount of strategy instead of just luck or upgrades. There are a ton of towers to unlock, Christmas and Halloween events that unlock special towers. Each tower is unique with it's own attacks with a few exceptions like mercenary (early game) and commando (mid to late game). Newer players can team up with experienced players to keep the game balanced. Having both survival and versus mode is a great feature. Making less money in survival mode is reasonable due to the players not having to pay to send any zombies.

Why it rocks

  • Versus mode is a fun gamemode which pits your team against each other sending waves of zombies into their bases. It's a both attack and defend mode.
  • Many towers and each with their own unique abilities and upgrades.
  • Survival mode that lets you team up or be alone to defend against hordes of zombies.
  • Newer players can team up with experienced players to keep the game balanced.

Bad qualities

  • The rounds are the same so it becomes repetitive and stale once you have found your strategy.
  • Lack of updates for new content.
  • You don't get a lot of reward for winning or losing.
  • Upgrades don't describe what benefits the unit will get.
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