Undertale Monster Mania was an Undertale RPG Game created by Nikolander and A_RandomDoggo

Why It Rocks

  1. It is very nice to fight your favorite Undertale bosses in 3D.
  2. Is more improved and better than Undertale 3D Boss Battles by BowTiedPony.
  3. Original Bosses other than Undertale such as COOL Kid and Oggod.
  4. The Game also has some original music on the Original Bosses created by Michaelj8003.
  5. Undertale Youtubers such as Psint with Roblox, MCRBLXGAMER and DaHorrorzAzGuy also play the game.
  6. The Bosses are actually similar to those fought in the real Undertale game, such as Toriel and Sans for example.
  7. AUs such as Underfell and Underswap are there too.
  8. Speaking of AUs, The Fractured Void also has bosses such as Dust Sans, Horror Sans, HATE Chara, and Disbelief Papyrus.
  9. The Game inspired others to make games such as Undertale Boss Battles (by Brodosk) and Undertale: Destiny Of The Multiverse.
  10. System such as Resets, and LOVE is similar to what's used in Undertale. and is way better than the ones used in Undertale 3D Boss Battles.
  11. The Models are well made.
  12. Mostly Liked than Undertale 3D Boss Battles. even though both games are good.
  13. The Dust Particles after defeating a Monster is more faithful to the real game.
  14. The Battle Royale is a nice idea. Mostly the New One, The Old One was okay.
  15. Speaking of Battle Royale, you can play as your favorite Characters from AUs and Undertale itself. which is awesome
  16. The Concept is nice.

Bad Qualities

  1. The Game does have a very toxic fandom, which also started the joke war between Rancer (A OC created by Nikolander and Random Doggo as the mascot for the game and Robloxo Studios) and Yans (Created by Yao For Undertale AU RPG) which people took too seriously and harassed Yao because of it. They also beg for UT MM Back, which can get annoying most of the time. this was because People copied Niko and Doggo's behavior. They also beg for tester way too much.
  2. The Game was deleted in December 24th 2019. and the reasons were pretty controversial to some fans.
  3. Was Cancelled just because Nikolander and Random Doggo wanted to make original content like The upcoming game Project: Cool. which isn't a problem, but it doesn't really make sense to shut down a game just for another game.
  4. Project: Cool was treated as a replacement and a made for profit game other than something fun to make.
  5. Kinda Grindy and grinding to Reset 20 can take forever.
  6. People started to hate it just because of reason 5 and called it a "Bad" game. Which can be sometimes controversial to some Fans and isn't really a vaild reason to hate the game at all. Just because you get bored of a game or get hyped for a new game doesn't mean you have to hate the old game. This is really abusing a classic.
  7. The game is hated by it's creators too just because of Reason 5. Why would you hate your own Creation just for silly reasons like being grindy or unoriginal? it really makes no sense at all.
  8. Disbelief Papyrus is a little harder unlike the one from the Fangame and Original Animation by FlamesatGames"
  9. Can be buggy sometimes.
  10. Nikolander (one of the creators) Even treats UT MM like it was a mistake. People try to tell him that's it's not, but he keeps not listening. Just to tell you, not all ideas are mistakes. and The game actually become a success and even inspired some ideas from time to time. you should feel great you had a game that became more popular and helped you make new ideas, even if it has some flaws, there is no excuse to think something was a mistake.
  11. Worst of all, Niko, after the Final Update was announced, and before it came out, Said that UT MM was dying, even though it still gets new players every day. Just because a game getting a final update and more players everyday Doesn't mean it's dying! Plus it got more players since the Final Update and he still said it.. The game still has a cult following and fans who still love it to this day you know.
  12. He even thinks that UT MM will be forgotten, Which is untrue. Since people still remembered it and loved it. just like Reason 6 and 7, That is abusing a cult classic.
  13. Is treated By it's creators and Project: Cool fans and also UT MM Haters like it's a simulator, even though it's a RPG Game.
  14. The Mods on the discord server can be assholes sometimes, Mostly User Red. who acts very cruel to UT MM Fans, even the not so toxic ones.
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